African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa has been neglected fully by our mission in Ethiopia
December 23, 2020 - Written by editor marsan

Hargeisa:(Marsanews) As you know the AU conference centre and Office situates in the next door neighbouring Capital City of Ethiopia Addis Ababa- it is Headquarters of the African Union and plays host to the biannual AU submits.

It is not my intention to criticise President Muse Biihi Abdi incumbency and I will never do so my entire life. But putting doubt for the capacity of our foreign Offices only relate to rectification and amplification of that strength and importance on time.H.E President Muse Biihi accomplished and advanced that three years absolute achievements in different areas, both foreign diplomacy and domestic innovation for the best and highest standard of global accepted processes.

Do our Offices in Addis Ababa and Nairobi attempt to write letters for African Union member countries individually taking opportunities of introductory and begging the most important matter Somaliland Republic seeks “recognition” again and again to be seen how committed and dedicated you are, as a Nation.

It looks that President Muse Biihi did well and made very crucial trials since he came to power in 2017. But the take off Gear is absolutely faulty and Somaliland Republic never manages to take off speedily and comfortably, unless the Nation repair and innovate that identified problem immediately.

Our foreign Offices in Addis Ababa and Kenya have little or nothing records of communicating each and every Nation of African Countries in that durability and curiosity of Somaliland Republic re-Instating of the original position in 1960. If those Office pull up any letter written to the African Union member Countries, I am wrong and eat my words- otherwise President Muse Biihi should suddenly take a whack, release those individuals from duties.

And putting the Offices courageous and hardworking citizens that knocks off every single door of African Union member Countries right now.Unless Somaliland Republic both changes the Gear and speed- ee assuage nobody in our entire struggle indeed.

It is very awful and lip service rather realising the National duties of those Offices in every single bed time- getting up and doing very persuasive and constructive matter that assists Somaliland Republic.Somaliland Republic totally does not exist or proceed- he is the family of the former President or current President- where there are hungry citizens to drive and help their Nation quite strongly and smartly.

A guy sitting and waking up three years opposite or steps away from African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa only sets back Somaliland Republic and caused real dooms for the Nation.

The Nation’s basic and fundamental desire must be aggressive and polite move winning the hearts and minds of both the entire African Nations and their leaders in gradual efforts- not chickening out to fulfil the 1991 accord reached in Togdheer Capital Buro.

The bogus representatives fractured the rightful resonance of the Nation’s ambition- President Muse Biihi Abdi needs to repair and totally change the take off Gear of Somaliland Republic diplomatic communication Offices elsewhere.Somaliland Republic needs new blood of diplomatic Administrations to hit the nail on the head diplomatically and breaking the silence of African Union member states.

Bombardments of professional writings introduces Somaliland Republic to the continent and other parts of the globe in two shakes of lamb’s tail.My spouting out of addressing the matter could not be delayed- as I have very enormous responsibility to enforce and strengthen President Muse Biihi Abdi tenure.

Hope is magnificent power literally and the Nation must augment possible chances Somaliland Republic once gain wins the honour and dignity thrown into the deep well.Hanging on without influences silence the lightening and thunder heard from Somaliland Republic recently based on huge diplomacy have been established by President Muse Biihi Abdi.Changing that take off Gear makes Somaliland Republic very powerful and rejuvenated to conduct everything quite easily and strongly- if honourable President Biihi fixes the complication and puts the right people into the right positions.

Joints efforts gives massive responses to the point and destination indeed. Somaliland Republic must have better policy and plans to deal with African Union member States introduction.

And all broken bricks of our foreign policy construction should be replaced immediately to catch up with our fellow African Union member Countries.The bloc was established in 26th May 2001 to replace the former African Unity set up in 25th May in 1963. Some members were disbanded but still the delivery of the role continuously engaged respectfully.

Somaliland Republic needs new Gear and new strategy to face the African Union now. Those broken bricks in our foreign policy lets massive draft and Rain for the Nation.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan

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