The direct imputation from Wadani Party Home Secretary against President Biihi successful trip to Kenya was unacceptable
December 18, 2020 - Written by editor marsan

Hargeisa:(Marsanews) The Wadani Party unleashes unprofessional and aggressive teens to anathematise the President of the Nation H.E Muse Biihi Abdi like scrounger disdainfully is unforgivable and criminal indeed.

The comments of Mohamed Farah Abdi was real slap in the face for our superior leaders that extremely progressed the position of Somaliland Republic in the region or World.

Mohamed Farah Abdi was true gatecrasher and ungraciously attacking both President Muse Biihi Abdi and Somaliland Republic National Interest victory in years.

He is not Wadani Party foreign Secretary that could present legal blunders the government made. And he directly castigate the progressive and successful Trip of President Muse Biihi Abdi.

Rebuffing the ten points communique Kenyan Government and Somaliland Republic bilaterally signed after two days, need no humiliation, denunciation or blame indeed.

The shadow Home Secretary of Wadani Party insults both Somaliland Republic and the President of Somaliland Muse Biihi Abdi who really showed the International Communities the sprint and commitment of Somaliland Republic.

The blame of Mohamed Farah Abdi against President’s trip to Kenya was real abusive assault against the reputation of both the Nation and the President Muse Biihi Abdi.

Mohamed Farah has no legal mandate or entitlement to curse or condemn such governmental duties, as he only focuses on the interior Ministry duties legally.

He is supposed to blame, criticise or rectify the Minister of the home affairs Mohamed Kahin Ahmed when to do so. But he is illiterately and stupidly doing the job of the Party’s Chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi Ciro.

For the obstruction of National duties of the Nation will result certain term of imprisonment- if such unnecessary humiliation and slap in the face to our President takes place again.

Wadani Party Chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi sends little ignorant lads- when they get arrested for their insults- lamentations take place about transgression and injustice happen.

This is absolutely injustice against the Nation and the President himself Muse Biihi Abdi- who always shows tolerance and respect to offenders of the Nation or himself.

Wadani Party Chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi Ciro should discipline and control his Party members talking in such disastrous and damaging process without proper knowledge about the specific field or subject.

Too much freedom plus ignorance puts people in hot water and dangerous situation quite often.

The Wadani Party shadow interior Secretary did not know what he was talking about- when deeply denying and denouncing the constructive and clear development of both the ruling Party of Kulmiye government and the President Biihi, that added his legacy another friend country joins Guinea Conakry.

The inexperience and boneheaded courage young fellas really damage the reputation of this Nation easily.

Mohamed Farah Abdi should clarify his criticism other wise he puts himself in peril that will have serious consequences indeed.

His talk and imputation was void and untrue indeed, he has to behave like politician not goat-header.

The government and the President Muse Biihi did well indeed and landed on very dear opportunity and attention to the Nation from the globe.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan.

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