The law is very hot stove that anybody impolitely touches will have severe consequences
January 13, 2021 - Written by editor marsan

Hargeisa:(Marsanews) in 2016 US election thirteen Women stepped forward complaining of President Donald Trump behavior and there was stark disregarding of that serious crimes against human dignity and honor when they are very vulnerable in some reasons.Since then US image of colossal democratic Nation in the World has been plummeted quite unnecessarily with conspiracy theories of division and direct power abuses; that were been practising continuously with complete negligence of United States of America shining position in the World.

very surprisingly political arson often takes place in the biggest Nation of the World, hopelessness and one man show leadership has been seen that does not represent the significant National Interest of United Stated of America.though chaotic division and power abuse of President Donald Trump were allover the place and his fingerprints of crook leader seen constantly. But he was democratically elected President always and that is why he survived first impeachment.

The President did not react constitutionally the shocking incidents of Charlottesville and Black lives matter- but President wrongly encouraged and incited hate groups- that only one televising address resolves quite completely in order to vindicate American culture and value- which is not truly the way President Trump understands.

President Donald Trump breaks every born of United States of American constitution skeleton irresponsibly and ignorantly for the scale of that resolute chair of oval House for the greatest Nation, USA every hour in four years.Downplaying of Coronavirus and playing Golf while American citizens die a large number on daily basis.

while his allegiance or Oath of United States of America has been betrayed by his wild and uncontrollable outrage of revenge splinter the United States of American citizens.

The President illegitimately breached the constitution when called the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger demanding for enough votes to overturn the democratic and legitimate Presidential election; that was certified constitutionally already by the States.

President carries on his blatantly false claims of election fraud, he radicalized his fellow Republican senates that bought his baseless claims of electoral fraud; that intend to ruin their country satisfying the seriousness and insincerity demand of Donald Trump.President Donald Trump breaks American Constitution deliberately and knowingly when he organized chaotic and violent Rallies on the same day US Lawmakers certify the electoral college votes; with intention of decertifying and disrupting the constitutional process to proceed properly and legally on that specific day of US historic Nationhood.

The President made very obvious attempt of coup, when incited insurrectionists and seditious mobs sending the whereabouts of his Vice President Mike Pence and the most important individuals of the government, the legislative body of the country.

The President did not even call the safety of his Vice President Mike Pence- that his insurrectionists chant hang Mike Pence and shocking hate slogan supports President Donald Trump and mad opportunity of leadership sustainability without legality or fundamental basis.deep malfeasance and disorientation besieged the Capitol Hill, the people’s House with outrageous and terrorist perpetrators storming influences, that President Donald Trump fanned their anger and baseless claims of election stealing, while he lost what he called previously landslide.

The 14th Amendments of US Constitution clearly defines the right of US fellow citizens- where President Donald Trump really touches very hot stove, ignoring to preserve, protect and defend the honor and dignity of United States of America that simply feeds in the remote African and Asian destitute people or around the World as well.

He did not only estranged American People each other, but his awful, inexperienced and divisive policy dropped America in embarrassed position with inflammatory rhetoric that is unamerican in accordance of leadership or culture of that great Nation.eventually United States of America fights back and cleans up the four years of lies, denial and defy of United States of America President Donald Trump that historically be the only President got impeachment twice.

Not only President Donald Trump encounters harsh consequences, but certain number of individuals get very fair investigation and will be punished if found guilty, like his close Aide Rudy Giuliani who continuously fanned the flames and split petrol on the fire that created uprising and confrontations for the rule of law.

only Donald Trump is not impeached but certain number of Senates should be investigated for their roles of conspiracy theories that shook America on 6January 2021 and resulted five dead, including innocent Capitol Police man.American bites back the criminals, and will really expel some senators from the House; if found guilty. despite of harsh punishments and severe consequences that none ever attempt to do unconstitutional sedition or insurrection for American history in the future again.

Also many American domestic terrorists lose their jobs, because of participating that war against United States of American constitution and democracy, as Nation’s justice system and democracy has been offended unnecessarily.

Actually some Republican Senators have gone too far and proved to be real traitors against United States of American peace, stability and also ancestors path of democracy- they tried to use force and undemocratic procedures of catastrophic destruction of this pretty good Nation.

Remember foreign Nations were part of United States of America attempted collapse, that failed indeed, for every trial on that four year.

The biggest mission was the gigantic explosion of social incitement and insurrection on that important moment of US democracy.they intended that damage could be more serious and a lot of lawmakers die- but America is bigger to fall the traps of the enemy, as the cold war is not end yet. President Donald Trump is not patriotic, and not even clever man politically.

Because he could not figure out that the heroic legacy of late Senator John McCain fought back and resulted his loss of Arizona State. Where he foolishly disputed to be cheated, come on Trump, see the wider picture based on Trust and confidence of Arizona State.US army servicemen and Women are not suckers or losers, but they are the steel fence of this beautiful Nation “United States of America” that earned in such privilege with collective contributions, as the people of United States of America only without race or anything else.

The reality is, President Donald Trump and so many other people will face serious charges right now and in the future related to their unleashed and wild lies and betrayal of United States of America in Some areas indeed.

The United States of American constitution was under attack especially outside intervention for enemies of United States of America obsess deeply these incidents of uprising, lies, fraud claim and division to divide and destroy the country like its rival Russia that meddles and coaching individuals to take certain appalling unAmerican steps possibly.

President Donald Trump and some other individuals will never hold public offices again, accordance with their irresponsibilities and conflict of interests nearly sink the most powerful Nation on the planet, USA with zero management and administration capacities and capabilities indeed.

whether it is a local or international, the law and constitution should serve with respect and dignity, but morons never rule the globe well. Because of having no clean conscience and better humanity that differentiates the right and wrong for every click of thought.

US bites back operations take many people to the jail, as they are accountable for their disastrous actions hampering US better and democratic procedures constitutionally, without heinous crimes orchestrated on 6 January 2021 by Trump Rallies- which is very significant national day of United States of America.

It was unlawful to call for that Rally in first place and another criminality and incitement was sending to the Capitol Hill with strong encouragement of kicking Asses indeed.Fairly and obviously, the world is not willing to lose America and criminals storming out to the artery of the Nation never succeed in their life time.

President Donald Trump really faces very serious changes of power abuse now and even US senate individuals lose of being senators in lieu of their egregious treason against United States of America constitution and National Interest as well.America fought real fights to be here, so weak and treacherous groups will not able to rescind US bright position as a Nation of tremendous muscle and genius minds.

I am not member of top influential and persuasive figures on this planet- but still my vocal can be heard and my personality can be assessed of being conscientious that wants to make the World on a better place with eternal love, peace, respect and Justice remains forever.Look, if anybody especially American people want to know the most successful real business man, that is my fellow Country man Sir Richard Branson that never declared bankruptcy in all his business career.

But Someone declared bankruptcy almost seven times that lives lies and fake marketing is believed in wrongly.

Sir Richard Branson is genuine and successful business man in our human history indeed. But people support and adore baseless and lies history of business sector and political achievements as well, must rethink and learn history fairly and finely.Come on, do not let anyone pull wool over your eyes and all glitters are not often gold.

God bless America

Abdilahi Hassan.

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